His clinical practice is dedicated to adults, couples and adolescents struggling with a range of difficulties including communication problems, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, shyness, marital difficulties, family discord, mid-life crises, emigration, young adults leaving home and adjustment reactions to life changes. 

He offers psychodynamic psychotherapy, counseling, couple’s counseling, parent consultation and public lectures.

An initial visit is often useful in assessing the situation, arriving at some preliminary strategies for dealing with it, determining if a course of treatment is recommended and, if so, how to proceed. To make an appointment, call 206-445-9121 and leave a confidential message. Dr. Benveniste will return your call when he is available. You can also send an e-mail message to daniel.benveniste@gmail.com

Professional Services

In an initial interview you will be invited to talk about the problems that concern you. Dr. Benveniste will listen, explore the situation with you and then offer an initial assessment and preliminary recommendations. Those recommendations in the first session may include specific strategies for dealing with the problem, an invitation to continue the evaluation process, if need be, and/or possible referrals to professionals in other related fields that may be useful to call on in dealing with the current problems.

If a patient chooses to continue the evaluation process he or she can expect to meet for a few more sessions after which there is likely to be a recommendation for psychodynamic psychotherapy, counseling, couple’s counseling, or parent consultation depending upon the needs of the case and preferences of the individual.

Fees: $180/ session
Sessions are typically 55-60 minutes.

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Psychotherapy and Consultation
1621 114th Ave. S.E., Suite 223
Bellevue, Washington
TEL – 206-445-9121

Dr. Benveniste is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience treating adults, couples, and adolescents. He has a longstanding commitment to clinical practice, community service, professional education and writing for professionals and the general public. He is also the author of a biography The Interwoven Lives of Sigmund, Anna and W. Ernest Freud: Three Generations of Psychoanalysis (2015).